Tell Me Everything


Your secret’s safe …

until it’s not

Ivy is the shy artist type and keeps a low profile—so low that she’s practically invisible to everyone at Belfry High School except for her best friend, Harold. As sophomore year begins, Harold takes up a hundred activities, leaving Ivy on her own. Luckily she’s found a distraction: the new anonymous art-sharing app, VEIL.

Soon Ivy realizes that one of her classmates is the VEIL user who needs new paintbrushes … and another is the one visiting the hospital every week … and another is the one dealing with their parents’ messy divorce. While she’s too scared to put her own creations on the app, Ivy thinks of an even better way to contribute—by making gifts for the artists she’s discovered. The acts of kindness give her such a rush that, when Ivy suspects Harold is keeping a secret, she decides to go all in. Forget gifts—Ivy wants to throw Harold a major party.

But when all those good intentions thrust her into the spotlight, Ivy’s carefully curated world is thrown into chaos. Now she has to find the courage to come out of the shadows—about her art, her secrets, and her mistakes—or risk losing everything and everyone she loves the most.

what people are saying

"A timely examination of social media and the importance of self-expression. A truly special debut--I loved every page!"

- Courtney Summers, author of SADIE


“Sarah Enni’s heartwarming debut TELL ME EVERYTHING examines both the comforts and dark side of social media, and how sometimes we need a little help finding our own voices. This charming coming of age story will make you both think and squee.”

- Julie Buxbaum, NYT Bestselling author of TELL ME THREE THINGS and WHAT TO SAY NEXT