Just For Fun

by sarahenni on February 1, 2013

I was brainstorming titles the other day (hard! That is a unique and bizarre skill) and thought to make a word cloud of my WiP so I could see what words most commonly appear. After the entire universe laid the hammer down on Java, Wordle was out. However I came across Tagxedo, which not only let me easily upload all 60,000 words in a flash, it let me choose the shape of the word cloud! Check her out:


Holy schnikes, that looks cool doesn’t it?? Of course none of the words in that cloud translated literally to the title, but I really dig having that image on my desktop.

Have you used Tagxedo or something like it before? How do you brainstorm titles?

(If you’re curious about what I finally came to with the title, it’s: MISS MATCH. Yay!)