In case you’re new, here’s a list of some common terms used on this here blog:

ARC: Advanced Reader Copy, an incomplete version of a book that publishers give out to reviewers and the press before that book is published

Dr. H: My wonderful husband, who is a doctor. He is also an officer in the military, so he may be referenced as Cap’n, Capt., or Cappy from time to time.

Hammer: My cat and writing companion.

WiP: a Work in Progress, or a manuscript that’s a few hundred drafts from being done.

YA: Young Adult, a reference to books written about and for teens.

YA Highway: A group blog I contribute to that celebrates everything about young adult books, authors, and publishing. Find us on the YA Highway blog, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Great Blog Disaster of 2011  (or TGBDo11): This one time I tried to fix my blog and instead deleted two years’ worth of content. It was a traumatic time.