How I Met Your Sad, Incongruous Ending

by sarahenni on April 2, 2014

Spoilers be here, for both How I Met Your Mother and the SHATTER ME series by Tahereh Mafi (there’s a connection there, I swear).

So, like a lot of the internet, I spent yesterday, and today, being a bit wound up about the finale of How I Met Your Mother, a show I never could quit, even though it became a sad parody of itself for the last two to three seasons. What’s upsetting is that the very reason I stayed – the characters – is exactly what was undermined in the series finale. Ultimately, the show betrayed the characters it worked seasons to build into dynamic, real-feeling people, forcing together in the end two people that had simply grown apart.

What HIMYM got exactly wrong in its final hour is exactly what Tahereh Mafi’s SHATTER ME series got right in its final iteration, IGNITE ME.

In SHATTER ME, Juliette struggles to come to terms with her own destructive power, and is presented with two men she has romantic chemistry with – ‘good guy’ Adam and the villainous Warner. Through the first two books, the interplay between Juliette and Warner made him a dark-horse candidate to actually end up with her – certainly he was a favorite of tons of fangirls. In those books, Tahereh explored other facets of Warner’s character, showing us a depth and complexity that wasn’t immediately apparent, and showing how Warner fundamentally changed as a character. Adam grew a lot, too – we saw that there was a lot of bad to go with the good. Tahereh adapted to her characters’ organic changes as they endured gun fights, explosions, breakups – things that change a person.

photoAnd in the end, Tahereh pairs Juliette and Warner — something that a few friends of mine were shocked to hear when I related it to them recently. But by the end of IGNITE ME, it was the only choice that made sense for those two characters. At that point, shoving Adam and Juliette together would have been nonsensical, and whatever narrative hoops Tahereh would’ve had to jump through to make that palatable for the reader would have completely broken our suspension of disblief.

That is where HIMYM went wrong. Its writers were so wed to the idea of Robin and Ted as end-game, they ignored the last 4-5 years in which the show made a convincing case for Ted and Robin as two people who were compatible as close friends but horrible for one another romantically. It also totally submarined Barney and Robin, a relationship so stilted and ungainly that the showrunners spent literally the entire last season focusing JUST on their wedding to make us finally, eventually, begrudgingly accept that they were a couple that could work. 23 episodes of that, and then they announce their divorce halfway through the finale and we’re still expected to be cheering for Ted and Robin when they get together?

HIMYM was a great show for a lot of things, especially early on: tracking the Chosen Family relationships many make in the post-college, pre-full-on adulthood time frame; treating real and difficult subjects with poignancy and unblinking realism (losing a father, finding a father, infertility). In the end, though, the show’s creators ignored the characters’ organic growth over 9 seasons, instead expecting the audience to be pleased that they got the finale we all wanted at the end of Season 1.

It’s silly, short-sighted, and frustrating as all hell. It can be difficult to step back and see your characters with clear eyes, but creators ignore the shifting nature of their work at their own peril.

In the process of writing a book – and most especially, a series – there can be unpleasant realizations. Some characters end up being different than you thought, the plot has to shift away from what you originally planned to accommodate revisions. Maybe two characters you wanted to get together (characters whose romance kept you writing through the hard times! The ones you were desperate to see live Happily Ever After) simply can’t wind up together – because at the end of the book/series, they aren’t the same characters anymore. Be true to the people actually on the page. Do right by them, and your audience will respect and appreciate it, even if it isn’t the story they would choose.

As for HIMYM, I have already accepted this altered ending, by YouTuber Ricardo Dylan, as headcanon.


Choosing A Heartbreaker For If I Stay

by sarahenni on January 25, 2013

It has been quite a long time since I had a good old-fashioned casting post at this here blog, and that is certainly not for lack of exciting happenings. But Gayle Forman’s announcement about the If I Stay movie yesterday unleashed a floodgate of feels, so Imma break it down.

The If I Stay movie has been floating around with Summit for a while, briefly with the flawless Dakota Fanning attached. Though I’m sad Dakota’s Mia will never come to be, I gotta say that I think Chloe Moretz is a truly fantastic choice.

And with Mia cast so impeccably, cue my heart attack over who will be bringing punk-rock boyfriend Adam to life. It’s a big deal to me personally, because the Adam from the book is a heart-wringing amalgamation of every dude I dated in high school (the dramz!). And a big deal for the franchise because, if the film version of If I Stay manages to capture the dagger-to-the-heart beauty of the book, I’ll be standing in line like an insomniac Twilight fan at Comic Con for a film of Where She Went to be green-lit. Does anything sound better right now than a YA version of Before Sunrise on the streets of New York? Absolutely freaking not.

I turned to Jessica BS, Casting Correspondent for this here blog, for a comprehensive breakdown of what Adam needs to be, and who might be perfect for the role.

Since Jessica and I were kinda-sorta the exact same person(ish) in high school, we quickly realized we had both envisioned the same person while reading about Adam in both If I Stay and Where She Went. My indie cred is going to take a serious hit here, but the visual we agreed was perfect for Adam is based on Chris Carrabba, of Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever. 1

You can’t out-emo this guy. Don’t even consider trying.

So that’s where we began our search. We also agreed that Adam shouldn’t look too very young, and we told ourselves that was not just to keep us from max creepage when we inevitably salivate over the movie poster. Plus: whoever plays Adam needs to have chops. This role had better include some concert footage of fledgling Shooting Star, and there should be a Joaquin Phoenix-in-Walk-The-Line vibe, no cheesy lip-syncing allowed.

With that, here are some standout candidates!

Darren Criss

Wait, did I mention something earlier about indie cred? Well screw that. Darren Criss has been the only thing giving Glee oxygen for ages, and it’s obvious from his role there that dude can crush a vocal solo. And this role would give Darren the chance to step out of tailored Warbler suit jackets and Hogwarts school uniforms—grow the hair out, find some ratty old slouchy hat, and maybe add a fake tattoo here and there and you’d have a perfect Portland punk. Yeah, pretty into that choice, at least from a visual standpoint (ahem).

Freddie Stroma (a.k.a. Cormac McLaggen)

Yeah, he’s good.

Christopher Abbott

Currently playing spineless pushover Charlie in Girls, I think Chris Abbott would be fairly easy to age down (without any scruff he could definitely pass for a high school senior in Movieland). And we already know from Girls that he can play guitar and sing, so he’d have the talent portion locked down. Best of all, he’s handled the navel-gazing angst of Girls with charm and a slight undertone of kicked puppy, which, let’s face it, is kind of essential to Adam. RESISTING SPOILERY TALK.

Zach Gilford

Gayle Forman herself mentioned this familiar face, and UGH. It hurts so bad to have to admit that he’s WAY too old to be Adam. Even though he has a babyface and could (still) be aged down quite a bit, I think we’ve seen Friday Night Lights take all his “plausibly playing a high-schooler” years. (Not that I regret a single minute of FNL. I DO NOT.) Sigh. Too bad, because as Matt Saracen this guy broke my heart a thousand times, which is an essential prerequisite for every role in If I Stay, but especially Adam. I don’t even care if he can carry a tune. TEXAS FOREVER, SEVEN.

I am so dating myself guys. I just couldn’t get with any of the other actual-YA-aged go-tos (the guys from Perks aren’t quite right, Alex Pettyfer has been evicted from nearly every YA heart, Ron Weasley is too British). So what do you think?? Who is up to the task of ripping our hearts into the tiniest bits?

  1. This led to an entire side conversation about how holy hell did you hear Further Seems Forever is touring?! And did anyone honestly feel the need to listen to anything besides The Moon Is Down, most specifically “Snowbirds and Townies“?



by sarahenni on January 18, 2013

The main character in my WiP (and pretty much everyone else in the book, too) is in love with a fictional band I made up, formerly known as Idioteque 1 I’ve written so much about the band (describing their sound, nailing down their influences, creating a wildly charismatic frontman, even writing a fake interview with them) that this week I decided to do a Very Nerdy thing and create a playlist that represents the band’s debut album, which I named Behold! The Melon 2.

It started as kind of a lark, but actually I found making the playlist to be 1) fun (perhaps most importantly), but also 2) an interesting new way to engage with my book before I dive into yet another round of revisions and edits.

Anyway, making this playlist has had me dancing at my desk all week. If you enjoy noisy head-nodding rock, I think you might enjoy it, too. Take a listen:

What about you? Have you made up bands, books, or movies in your work? Have you made a poster, flyer, zine or anything IRL to go along with it? If so PLEASE link! I’d love to see it 3!

  1. They are pending another name, after astute beta reader and Much Better At Googling Necessary Stuff For Books Guru Lindsey Roth Culli pointed out that Idioteque is such a genius band name that it is, in fact, a real life band’s name. Grr.
  2. How 90s is that? I love it.
  3. And if not, I really encourage you to try!


RTW: Fantasy Bookstore

by sarahenni on January 16, 2013

Welcome to Road Trip Wednesday day, a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway posts a weekly writing- or reading-related question and anyone can answer it on their own blogs. Check out the original post for links to other Road Trippers’ answers!

This week’s topic is: If you owned a bookstore, what would it look like and what would it sell?

Oooh I’ve thought about this a lot. I think I’d like to sell new and used books (like my favorite bookstore Orcas Books in Olympia, WA) and sell a little bit of everything—fiction, non-fiction, mystery, YA, children’s, sci-fi, reference, etc. But no cookbooks. Not my jam.

AND! It would be part used/new bookstore and other half coffee/wine bar! With one television, only turned on for UW/Seattle sports games and Yule Log videos.

Here’s what it’d look like!



Justin & Justin: You Should Be Too Busy Dancing

by sarahenni on January 14, 2013

Like most of the Internet I spent a good deal of this weekend freaking out about the forthcoming new Justin Timberlake album 1. I listened to his old CDs and prepared some dance moves that will need to be busted out all summer. I’m excited.

But my mellow was resoundly harshed by a broad-scale reaction to the news that took me off guard. A lot of people were using JT’s don’t-call-it-a-comeback as a reason to turn around and pour some hate on an easy target: Justin Bieber.

I was actually sort of surprised by my reaction to the Bieber haterade. After all, it’s not unusual to hear. But after thinking about it more (a little to much, maybe) I realized that it was because that reaction is actually a confluence of several different phenomena that, in tandem, form a rather large chip I’ll now attempt to brush off my shoulder.


Comparing Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber as their current selves is like comparing Puppy Bowl contestants with National Dog Show champions 2 You might say one is better than the other (more mature, sleeker, talented) but you’re forgetting something.

Let me provide you with what I’ll call Exhibit N for N*SYNC:

It has not always been glam and Bringing Sexy Back in the Timberlake camp. Hell, that shit isn’t even over; have you heard a description of his recent wedding to Jessica Biel? She wore pink and he sang her down the aisle. JT is a cheeseball, and loving him has gotten no less silly in the last 10 years. He was Bieber a few years ago. Outside of Neville Longottom there’s hardly a more compelling argument for letting a dude mature before passing judgment for life.

Oh, I love JT. I do, so so much. But this urge to shout from the rooftops that JT > JB plays into a time-honored tradition of Nostalgic Amnesia. We got plenty of this during the election, this doe-eyed romanticizing of A Better Time, When Things Were Somehow More Pure. But that ignores obvious history:  Timberlake, and Bieber, are part of a long, continuous string of decent-looking guys with good voices who are embraced by an audience of largely young, largely female fans who enjoy their music. For my mom, it was The Monkees’ Davy Jones. For my cousin, New Kids On The Block’s Jordan Knight. For me, it was JT (4eva), and for my younger cousin, it’s the Biebs.


So all that bluster about Timberlake being somehow better seems like so much hot air. Why waste time hating the current example of an inexorable trend? Especially in the same breath as lavishing adoration one version of that trend?

And let’s be clear: we’re not comparing Mozart to Maroon5 here. Take a listen:


And the Biebs.

Pop stars have one job: to make music that makes a lot of people want to dance. I think both JT and JB are doing their jobs well.

Finally: Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber alike rose to fame as artists targeted at teenage girls. Disparaging and belittling Justin Bieber (and his related teen-fame coterie, ex: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) is contributing to a culture that repeatedly and vehemently tells teenagers—and in particular teenage girls—that their opinions, feelings, and perspectives have no value. 3

Most importantly, that attitude ignores the fact that we were all teenagers once. If you love Justin Timberlake, odds are that you’ll cop to liking at least on N*SYNC song. Or NKOTB song. Or a Monkees’ song! At some point you were a teenager, and you liked music made for and marketed to teenagers. So why be angry that someone between 13-18 is experiencing that same thing now?

 Am I the Only One?

I reached out to the resident Pop Culture Guru for this here blog, Erin, to see if I was crazy for having so many pop music feels. I think her response ties the arguments together nicely:

So, I am not much of a Bieber fan… but oddly I’m not a Bieber non-fan. For a few years, he looked so goddamned young that it felt creepy to even like his music. But the new Bieber (aka The Second Coming of Justin) I actually feel actively less guilty about liking. Because he reminds me of JT.

So the key here is that I probably had the same level of disdain for the young girls screaming for Bieber that my mom had for Justin Timberlake in 1998. “They’re boys, Erin,” she used to say to me, rolling her eyes with a How-could-you? look on her face. Did it matter to me? Not one iota. When you’re 16, you care a lot less about a pop singer’s ability to grow facial hair or have defined pectorals. They’re relatable to you at that age because they look like the guys walking by your locker between classes… and maybe in some way, they’re awakening you to the fact that even the unassuming guy who sits next to you in Algebra might have a little Timberlake in him. They’re so relatable because they could be any one of us. And at that age, isn’t every single door open?

I was hoarse for 3 days following the one and only Nsync concert I ever went to. And yes, my mother thought this was preposterous. But I thought it was awesome.

Now that I’m rounding the corner on 30 (WHAT.), I’d like my smooth-soul songsters to have a little spice in their lyrics; something that rings true to a different period in my life where I began to seek men for slightly *ahem* different reasons. (And yes, a period in my life where things like morning scruff and a ripped chest started to matter.) The older you get, the more you’ve been through the rounds on love… and you hope your singers have, too.

At some point in life, you stop watching cartoons. Who knows when this switchover happens; gradually Phineas and Ferb just aren’t funny to you anymore. You’re looking for something with more acid, more edge. So you wave a friendly goodbye to the animated characters of childhood and you move up to MTV programming. Maybe an entry-level Thursday-night comedy or two. And in our pop idols, we do the same. You move on. You grow up. You want something different than they deliver. But it doesn’t mean you were ever wrong in wanting it.

I guess if I knew a high school sophomore who was hoarse from screaming at a Justin Bieber concert, I’d see a little of me in her. And in Bieber, we should see a little of JT in him. (Swapping those deliciously frosted flopping curls for an artfully swished set of man-bangs, of course.) And we should appreciate how, even though we’ve changed, adolescence hasn’t.

And don’t even get me started on One Direction.

What do you think? Am I wildly over-reacting, per usual? Are you psyched about JT’s new stuff? Will you deny that you never tapped a toe to a single Bieber tune??

  1. The new single is here!
  2. I realize this metaphor is rather tortured. But, puppies!
  3. Examples of this are everywhere: This WTF piece of “witty” wannabe-Onion writing; Or this actual Onion piece… that picture is the joke. That’s the entire joke; or remember that JC Penny T-shirt about a girl being too pretty to do homework? And there’s critical evidence, too, such as this essay on the hugely negative connotations of “fangirl” from British Science Fiction Film and Television by Tobias Hochscherf and James Leggott; Or how about the insanely negative treatment of the overall fanbase for Twilight?


2012 Retrospective

by sarahenni on December 31, 2012

Inspired by Kate Hart’s incredible YA Highway 2012 Wrap-Up, I thought I’d throw together a reflection on what has been a pretty amazing year.


photo (17)

- I went on a honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia, and got to meet fellow YA Highway member Leila Austin and her adorable baby!

photo (18)

- When I returned I read my favorite book of the year, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, and got the chance to see John and Hank Green during the book tour’s stop in D.C.! (Pictured above: Jessica Sheehan and Rick Lipman)


- I partnered with my buddies Erin Bowman and Tracey Neithercott to introduce the Go Away, I’m Reading book covers, which sort of took off… By far, that was my most popular blog post of the year!

- I was also so psyched to put up my new blog header, illustrated by the crazy-awesome Noelle Stephenson, a.k.a. Gingerhaze, who recently got herself a book deal and illustrated the cover for Rainbow Rowell’s new book, Fangirl!


photo (21)

- Dr H and I moved to a new apartment, with our trusty new companion Hammer

- The Hunger Games movie basically exploded my life. I got so excited that I started having weird-ass dreams about the movie, and I blogged about it so much that a Swedish television station interviewed me about Hunger Games mania in the U.S. I also hosted a premiere day watch party with the DC MafYA, and the movie review as well as Bestie Danielle’s and my analysis of the portrayal of Gale and Peeta were among the biggest posts of the year on this here blog.


- I freaked out with joy and pride when fellow YA Highwayer, DC MafYA-er and general IRL bestie Sumayyah sold her book, Begin Again, to Julia Strauss-Gabel at Penguin!

- Dr H had a birthday! Yay!


- Dr. H graduated from medical school, Bestie Megan had a gorgeous wedding in Louisville, Kentucky, and I had White Castle for the first time!


- I attended BookExpo America with some other most excellent ladies from D.C.


- Bestie Danielle had a superfun wedding in the Bay Area of California! I got to eat more In N Out!

- I spent a few days in Colorado at the first (of many, I hope!) YA Highway writing retreat. The time spent there completely jump-started my creative process.


- I finished the first (decent) draft of my WiP in more than a year. And celebrated via .gif. Woo!

- I got awkwardly obsessed with Battlestar Galactica


- Revising revising revising playing flag football revising


- Revising revising Hurricane Sandy revising revising



- Said goodbye to the Twilight movie franchise with some amazing friends (Veronica, Erin, and Lindsey)

- Organized the YA Highway Carpool Lane e-mail campaign to encourage everyone participating in NaNoWriMo


- Killed it at Karaoke with some DC MafYA buddies

- Survived the apocalypse!

- Finished the second major revision of the WiP (phew!)

- Discovered Pitch Perfect and became uncomfortably obsessed



by sarahenni on December 14, 2012




Reconnecting! Something about the pervasive festiveness of the holiday spirit and the pending end of the world has a lot of people, myself included, in the mood to meet up, check in, find out how friends and acquaintances are doing. It’s been so refreshing to see wonderful familiar faces, and to meet some new friends, too! (Photo: some of the DC MafYA; Photo by Robin Talley)



The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. The story of Bilbo Baggins and the mysterious ring goes way, way, way back for me. My mother loves fantasy books, and we read this one together when I was very small. One of my first and most vivid memories of a movie was this (terrifying) 1977 animated version of The Hobbit which, needless to say, haunts me still:

I completely understand people who struggle to get into the rich, strange mythology of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings as adults, because it can be cumbersome and bogged with detail. But the story’s been a part of my life since my Sesame Street days, so I’m loving this long-overdue reread and needless to say I am QUITE excited about the movie coming out this weekend.



Besides The Hobbit? I’m avoiding watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica because I’m so, so unwilling for the show to end. I’m also watching so much football I’m starting to dream in Chris Berman’s voice—I have one team in the fantasy football playoffs and I am desperate to win, guys. GO DEMARYIUS THOMAS, GO!

Thinking About


This time of year has me thinking about the past. Both in terms of the year about to sunset (as usual it seems to have taken both forever, and a day to pass) and acknowledging and remembering a sad family anniversary that will forever haunt Christmas for me. But that’s the nature of life, and the full intention of the holiday. I won’t forget to think about all the wonderful things still in my life, either.



The future (when am I not?): finishing this book, preparing to query. 2012 was a touch stagnant in that regard, so I’m looking forward to a new year.



Plane tickets weren’t so expensive! Grr.

Making Me Happy


Trying to figure out how to make my own silly .gifs on my phone:



That one’s with the GifShop app, and it’s fun, but I wish it were less choppy! Do any of you have a .gif app you like? (I don’t have Photoshop, so I can’t go the legit route!)



by sarahenni on September 21, 2012

You may have seen the Currently meme around lately (I’ve loved the posts from Rebecca BehrensKaty UppermanJessica LoveKate Hart, and Amy Lukavics who was inspired by this post.) So I thought I’d give it a go!


Trolling Pinterest for fall fashion inspiration, and thrift-store shopping ideas to decorate my cubicle!


CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein


Football! (I am absolutely determined to win in one of my two fantasy football leagues this year. Go Gronkowski, go!) And dancing around the final two episodes of Battlestar Galactica, because I don’t want it to end! *sniff*

Thinking About

The future, as usual. Both the not-so-distant (election! Halloween! setting my fantasy football lineup!) and far out (where will Dr. H and I be moving to next?).


Finishing my WiP and getting it out to my beta readers—finally!


That the book would kindly finish itself. That some parts of the future were now. That I weren’t so far away from some inspirational people!

Making Me Happy

The glorious fall weather. My cat. The promise of a vacation next week. Football. Thrift stores.


Horror Writing Playlist

by sarahenni on August 17, 2012

There’s something about fall. The leaves turning, the weather cooling, and one of my favorite holidays ever, Halloween. I’ve definitely been getting excited for fall during this sweltering August, and I’ve  noticed that a fever for Halloween and other spooky things has been popping up in publishing, too.

Agents: I want to acquire YA horror! Send me YA horror! Authors: write YA horror so agents can send it to me!! #HORROR #SayHorrorOneMoreTime
T.S. Ferguson
LOVE all these horror fans today - I smell a resurgence of it. Not too late to make 2012 the year of horror:)
Lindsay N. Currie
If you missed it yesterday, I announced the sale of two new books, including (dun dun dun!) a TEEN SLASHER: http://t.co/sBZ6hZKh
Stephanie Perkins

The hunt for something scary is on! And to everyone considering writing a novel that errs on the creepy side (or anyone just feeling a little Halloween-y), I’ve started a playlist to get you in the right frame of mind.


What do you think? Any songs I missed?


Our Olympics Analysis

by sarahenni on August 10, 2012

The Olympics are going on—have you heard? Unfortunately I don’t have cable and can’t stand Bob Costas (because of reasons) so I’ve mostly been keeping up via social media, NPR, and of course my own personal Olympics correspondent, Bestie Danielle. We’ve had some… unique gchat interpretations of the events thus far, though I think even the Russian judge would have to give us a 10 for sheer enthusiasm.


Danielle:  Have you been watching women’s gymnastics?
 Me:  some? not all
 Danielle:  oh man. Mckayla Maroney on the US team is Regina George
 Me:  amazing.
During the team event, all the US gymnasts were getting ready to walk away in their little straight line together, and one girl was like, totally not in single file. And you couldn’t hear anything they were saying, but McKayla clearly snapped around and told her to get her ass in line. Then turned back around and pranced away.
Danielle: And then this happened. And I loved her even more. She is my spirit animal.


Me:  OMG did you hear about this??  Okay.
1) this douche got beaten up by a female judo champ
2) the female judo champ’s tweet on the subject was:
Een dronken gast voor mij gooit een flesje op de baan!! IK HEB HEM GESLAGEN.... Ongelofelijk!! #boos #respectloos
Edith Bosch
“A drunken spectator threw a bottle onto the track! I HAVE BEATEN HIM …. unbelievable.”
I am literally dying at my desk right now
She’s like in the effing Justice League or something
Sending a missive back to HQ: “I HAVE BEATEN HIM”
“Don’t worry!”


Danielle: There’s also this adorable guy who got gold in backstroke
at the world championships last year, his girlfriend was the one who got to present him with his gold medal
Danielle:  so, she handed him his medal, and he dropped to one knee and proposed to her
which is the only acceptable way to propose at a sporting event.
and then after he won olympic gold, he immediately pointed to her in the stands and blew her a kiss
I need the video of this proposal
because I haven’t wept at my desk yet this week


Danielle:  I’m watching the Olympic steeplechase right now
the track version, not the horse version
it’s a weird event.
it’s like, a couple group hurdles and then they get damp.
Me:  er
Danielle:  one of the hurdles has a puddle..
like, not deep.
a slight puddle.
so they get slightly damp.
it’s like, a couple group hurdles and then they get damp.
Me:  ew. That is the worst thing I could imagine. It’s like they’re living my walking-home-from-work nightmare, for sport
Danielle:  I feel like this is supposed to be some sort of obstacle race
but, like, a boring one
if you wanted them to get damp, it would be funnier to just have a fire hose shoot out at them real quick
Danielle:  or like, turning a section into dodge ball
Me: this is starting to sound like The Hunger Games a little more with every suggestion
Me:  Killer bees? is it that much of a stretch to killer bees?
Danielle:  I feel like I would make a really good game master in the Hunger Games.
Me:  something to maybe not tell other people
Danielle:  I mean, I would just try to make it funny.
Danielle:  just because they’re fighting to the death doesn’t mean it has to be so grim
Me: I am going to photoshop Wes Bentley’s beard onto you now
you know that right
Danielle: humor goes a long way
if you’re repressing people, at least be funny about it
like Vladimir Putin
that guy is a hoot.
And, with that!
What about you?? What have you thought about the games so far?