Exciting News!

April 1, 2013

Breaking the blog silence because I have (as promised in the heading) something super exciting to announce 1:

I am now represented by Sarah Burnes with The Gernert Company!

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I haven’t discussed my current project all that much, but it’s a contemporary romance. That’s something Sarah knows all about, as she represents Gayle Forman and Natalie Standiford, both of whom I adore.

Sarah was so enthusiastic about the book, and her thoughts on revisions made so much sense, I know she’s just the partner I need to help move on to the next step2! Yay!

  1. And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s day joke! I would never do that to you guys. Just was too anxious to wait till tomorrow to announce.
  2. I also want to thank Logan Garrison, who has been communicating with me as Sarah’s assistant and an agent at Gernert in her own right, and who is obviously amazing because she agrees with Jessica and I about Dashboard Confessional’s enduring value and unparalleled earworm status!

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